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Nendwich, Johannes: Direct Neutron-Capture by Sn-132 at Astrophysically Relevant Energies. Diplomarbeit, 2000. * *http://textfeld.ac.at/text/1703/

Technische Universität Wien | Fakultät für Physik | Atominstitut der österreichischen Universitäten
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Within the standard model of Big Bang the theory of nucleosynthesis describes the production of the nuclei of the elements---beginning from hydrogen---per nuclear reactions. During these processes heavier nuclei are created in different places and at different times. Chapter 1 of this thesis describes these processes and the sites where they take place. In most cases the reactions are performed via charged particles. For nuclei heavier than iron the Coulomb barrier can only be overcome at temperatures at which photodisintegration begins to take place and destroys the synthesized nuclei. Therefore neutron--capture is a mechanism which can take place at lower temperatures and produce nuclei above iron. However, neutron--capture can also play an important role for light nuclei. In the past decade the increasing importance of the direct capture mechanism for astrophysically relevant nuclear reactions was found [Obe91]. In the chapters 2 and 3 some basic properties of nuclei and nuclear reactions are presented. Chapter 4 gives a short introduction into some nuclear reaction models, and in chapter 5 a more comprehensive discussion of direct reaction, optical potential, Distorted Wave Born Approximation, and folding potential is given. These methods are used in calculating the cross section for the reaction Sn132(n,gamma)Sn133. For this purpose the computer programs TEDCA [Kra90] and VOLD [Hau86] are used. The results of these calculations are presented in chapter 6. Finally, in appendix A a manual for the use of the programs TEDCA and VOLD is given to make results of future calculations of (n,gamma)-reactions comparable with these ones.
Rolfs, C. | Put, W.L. | Phillips, A.C. | Petrovich, F. | Perey, C.M. | Okai, S. | Oberhummer, H. | Neu, R. | Nendwich, J. | Negele, J.W. | Nagarajan, M.A. | Michel, F. | McVoy, K.W. | May, R. | Mayer-Kuckuck, T. | Mathews, G.J. | Maran, S.P. | Malanay, R.A. | Mahaux, C. | MacArthur, J.D. | Love, W.G. | Lemmer, R.H. | Langanke, K. | Krauss, H. | Kramers, H.A. | Käpeller, F. | Kopka, H. | Kobos, A.M. | Klapdor-Kleingrothaus, H.V. | Kirshner, R.P. | Khoa, D.T. | Kalckar, F. | Jeukenne, J.P. | Iliadis, C. | Hoyler, F. | Hofinger, R. | Hill, D.L. | Herman, R. | Heisenberg, J. | Hauser, H.J. | Harris, M.J. | Hamill, J.J. | Gubler, H.P. | Grün, K. | Günther, K. | Glendenning, N.K. | Friedmann, E. | Frauenfelder, H. | Fowler, W.A. | Firestone, R.B. | Feshbach, H. | Delsanto, P.P. | Clayton, D.D. | Christy, R.F. | Chaudhuri, A.K. | Chase, D.M. | Butler, S.T. | Buser, M. | Brussaard, P.J. | Brink, D. | Brilloin, L. | Borzov, I. | Bohr, M. | Blatt, J.M. | Bieri, R. | Bethe, H.A. | Bertsch, G.F. | Bellicard, J.B. | Beiner, M. | Baye, D. | Barnard, A.C.L. | Balogh, W. | Burbidge, E.M. | Austern, N. | Audi, G. | Aston, F.W. | Arnett, D. | Armbruster, P. | Anantaraman, N. | Abele, H. | Rolfs, C.R. | Salpeter, E.E. | Satchler, G.R. | Schmid, E.W. | Seeger, P.A. | Sevier, K.D. | Suess, H.E. | Tang, Y.C. | Thielemann, F.K. | Thomas, R.G. | Tombrello, T.A. | Vervier, J. | Vries, H.D. | Wada, T. | Wapstra, A.H. | Wentzel, G. | Wheeler, J.A. | Wildermuth, K. | Williams, W.S.C. | Woosley, S. | Yokoi, K.

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