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Stabentheiner, Barbara: Pflanzenbauliche Maßnahmen zur Regulierung ausgewählter Problemunkräuter sowie zur Verbesserung von Ertragsleisung und Futterqualität auf Almflächen im Großarltal. Diplomarbeit, 2007. * *http://textfeld.ac.at/text/956/

Universität für Bodenkultur Wien | Department für Angew. Pflanzenwissenschaften und Pflanzenbiotechnologie | Institut für Pflanzenbau und Pflanzenzüchtung (IPP)
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In the western part of Austria the landscape is characterized by the Alps and Alpine pastures. The farmers take their domestic animals up there for several months during the summer. This reduces the costs on the home-farm and the farmers have more time for harvesting the fodder for the winter feeding period. Grazing domestic animals on Alpine pastures causes lots of advantages for the animals and economic benefits for the farmers. This fact shows the necessity and importance of managing and tending Alpine pastures. This thesis is about alpine pastures where two special weeds grow, namely mountain fern (Thelýpteris limbospérma) and white hellebore (Verátrum album). You can get these two weeds hardly under control because in combination with some measures of the ÖPUL 2007 program it?s forbidden to use herbicides, except those which are listed in the EU-directive 2092/91. The other possibility to get them under control is by mechanic methods but this means a high input of work load which seems not to be economically for farmers nowadays. The experiment on these alpine pastures was carried out over a period of two years. This thesis should test the effect of different management methods on the regulation efficiency of weeds and on yield and forage quality of Alpine pastures. On pastures where Thelýpteris limbospérma grows the number of weeds can be reduced by periodically manuring and mowing. This has also a positive effect on the other plants on the pasture. In this the-sis the evidence of the reducing effect of Verátrum álbum by grazing can be given. If the pas-tures are limed periodically, the pH-value of the soil can rise up and the availability of the nutrients can be increased. This can also have positive effects on the other plants in the pasture. There was a statistically significant effect of the different variants of manuring on the quality (MJ NEL g kg-1) and also on the digestibility (%) of the forage. The different variants of utilisation showed a highly significant influence on the yield (dt TM ha-1), the quality (MJ NEL g kg-1) and the digestibility (%) of the forage. The comparison between the pastures of the Heimalm and the Hochalm showed that there are significant differences in the digestibility of the forage of Alpine pastures. In this thesis the evidence for the positive effects of calculated manuring and utilization on yield and quality of forage on selected Alpine pastures can be given. In some cases the different variants of utilization showed regulative effects on the number of weeds.
Dr. Erich M. Pötsch

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